mt_ignore:How many times have you heard the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs? You are probably wondering, why a serious website like ours is concerning itself with fairy tales ... But let us not forget that it is the legends themselves that many times contain truthful segments. The authors of this world known bestseller (the brothers Grimm) lived in the regions of Hessen and Niedersachsen (central Germany), where many of the tales about little man, living under the surface or in galleries, originate from. (the gallery on the photo is very narrow: 50 - 60 cm wide) Historians and archeologists say, that these small men could have been the Vends or the Veneti, who were mostly farmers, and who later assimilated entirely with Germanic tribes. This is precisely what the legend of Nibelungs is all about. Siegfried defeats the dwarfs, takes their treasure as well as king Alberich\'s miraculous hat, which makes him invisible, ... And this brings us right back to Snow White! Her friends were unviolent but unpopular natives in a cruel world - the Vendic little men (Venediger  Mandeln, as known in Austrian legends).mt_ignore: