mt_ignore: While talking about vikings, numerous of stories and chronicles mention countries and people, named like the Veneti/Vends. In Hans Christian Andersen\'s fairy tale Holgar Danske there is also a mention of the Vendic Lands (originally: Vendiske Lander), how they were subject to Waldemar\'s Danish rule.To which countries did Vendic Lands actually refer? The plural form of the word Land tells us, that in the contrary to mentioning of other countries in the same story (England, Sweden, Norway), the story indicates a geographically wider territory. This is of course just a story, but Scandinavian tradition only underlines the historical existence of such Lands and people. In Heimskringla (*), or The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway, we find almost everywhere mentioning of the Vends, Vindish, Vanaland, Vend district, Vingulmark, Vendel\'s plain, Veneren ... These designations are mainly used for Lands or people who were subject to Norwegian kings, and were geographically not only neighboring to Scandinavian Lands, but used to be also a part of them! What is more than this: next to Danish vikings we can read about Vindish vikings as well!
*The Ynglinga Saga, or The Story of the Yngling Family from Odin to Halfdan the Black, Snorri Sturluson (c. 1179 - 1241), Online Medieval and Classical Library Release #15bmt_ignore: