mt_ignore: The fictive heroes of the Gallic resistance against Romans became famous, through their adventures presented in comics, cartoons and movies. They are described as persistent strugglers from a small village in SE Aremoric (present-day Bretagne, France). Did you know that in his work, "DE BELLO GALLICO", Julius Caesar adds an interesting fragment, in which he describes the persistent resistance of the Aremoric Veneti, a nation who dominated the littoral far and wide? (Campaign against the Veneti) Is it possible that Rene Goscinny and Alberto Uderzo\'s story refers to this very historical record? If so, we are again witnesses of intentional or unintentional generalization - namely celtization of the Veneti. For it is exactly through such invented stories that many try to teach young generations about various historical events. Asterix and Obelix should therefore be characterized as Venetic and not only Gallic heroes!mt_ignore: