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If we read in the VENETI First Builders of European Community By Šavli, Bor and Tomažič *P.188, we learn that the ancient Veneti had a letter (character) or letters (characters) which looked like >l if written (customarily) from right to left (like Hebrew) or like l< if written from left to right (like contemporary languages of Europe). This element could be read as an "IC" or as a "K". The dichotomy between Satem and Centum (Kentum) main branches of Indo-European languages appears to stem from this (IC - K) uncertainty of very early (Slavic)-Indo-European experience. This binary interpretation continues to be manifest when one compares modern Slovenian and Czech lexicons (especially as applied to patronymic names, nicknames and animals).

Slovenian - VEVERICA / Czech - VEVERKA == English - SQUIRREL
Slovenian - MEDVEDKA / Czech - MEDVĚDICE / Common Slavic - MEDVEDICa
= English - SHE-BEAR
Slovenian - LISICA / Czech - LIŠKA == English - FOX
Slovenian - BABICA / Czech - BABKA == English - GRANDMA
Slovenian - BOBN / češko/Czech - BUBÍNEK == angleško/English -- EARDRUM
Slovenian - BRUSNICA / Czech - BRUSINKA == English - CRANBERRY
Slovenian - DEVICA / Czech - DÍVKA
/ Slovak-DEVKA == English - MAIDEN, GIRL
Slovenian - KOBILICA / Czech - KOBILKA == English -- GRASSHOPPER
Slovenian - KRATICA / Czech - ZKRATKA == English -- ABBREVIATION
Slovenian - LOPATICA / Czech - LOPATKA == English SHOULDER BLADE
Slovenian - PTICA / Czech - PTAK == English BIRD
Slovenian - IVAN/ Czech - IVÁNEK,
Slovenian - TOMAŽ / Czech - TOMÁŠEK.
Slovenian - JOŽICA / Czech - JOŽKA

Thus, the Slovenian and Czech lexicons are indicative of the central role that Slavic languages (VENETIC) played in the original Centum/Satem dichotomy. If we go back far enough we see that the "fraternal twins": Satem and Centum both come from the Slavic "STO" (100) Cradle.


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*Page 188 " The symbol >l in the inscriptions is often difficult to distinguish whether it represents a k or an ic." VENETI First Builders of European Community - Tracing the History and Language of Early Ancestors of Slovenes
Jožko Šavli, Matej Bor, & Ivan Tomažič 1996 ISBN 0-9681236-0-0

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