Conference in Ljubljana, June 2005: Ancient settlers of Europe


A report from the conference: ANCIENT SETTLERS OF EUROPE,
Ljubljana, June 10th and 11th, 2005 Svetovni slovenski kongres,
Cankarjeva ul. 1/IV, Ljubljana



mt_none:The opening speech entitled "Linguist Karel Oštir in the Light of the Theory of Continuity (TC)" was held by Lucijan Vuga. He showed that Oštir made serious research in this matter.

mt_none: In the following speech by Vinko Vodopivec "The Invention of The Wheel as the Impetus to Progress" was discussed. Veneti Joseph Škulj\'s lecture dealt with the genetical aspect of the Etruscans, Veneti and Slovenes. We were informed about some recent genetical studies conducted on old human skeletons.

mt_none: "The Names Speaking the Evidence" was the title of a very interesting discussion given by Ivan Tomažič. As we were all convinced, it is the nomenclature that needs to face new challenges, raised by careful name researches.

mt_none: The lecture entitled "Onomastics of the Roman Noricum and Traces of Norican Names in Contemporary Slovenia and Neighbouring Countries" was held by Jože Rant.

mt_none: An attempt of collecting and interpreting Carnian and Venetic Toponyms in Great Britain was presented by Andrej Rant. Veneti Vojislav Nikčević\'s theme "Yat (?) in Slovenian and Other Slavic Languages as the Distinguishing Element in View of Historism, Monogenism and Polygenism" was presented by Anton Perdih.

mt_none: Giancarlo Tomezzoli made a "Linguistic Computational Analysis to measure the distances between ancient Venetic, Latin and Slovene languages". The results showed a closer relationship between ancient Slovene and Venetic speech, as opposed to the relationship between Latin and the Venetic language.

mt_none: "Comparison of Modern European, Indoeuropean, and Some Ancient Languages" was the second study presented by Vinko Vodopivec.

"Venetic Linguistic Substrate of the English Language" was the title of Andrej Rant\'s lecture.

mt_none: France Megušar tried to find traces of the Celtic civilisation in present day Slovenia by studiing place names.

mt_none: Duša Krnel Umek reconstructed the border between Histri and Veneti as described in the year 1775 AD.


mt_none: Anthony Ambrožič\'s theme The »Warrior" Stele from Lemnos was presented by Anton Perdih.

Another study by Vinko Vodopivec was entitled "Transcriptions and Readings of the Oldest Venetic Inscription".

V. A. Čudinov\'s "Five Inscriptions on the Bronze Tools. Are they Venetic?" was an attempt of runic interpretation presented by Anton Perdih.

mt_none: "A New View on Classical Mythology with the Use of Slavonic and Macedonian Vocabulary" was presented in a very interesting lecture. A very practicle and plausible viewpoint on the origin of ancient mythologies was presented. Odisej Belchevsky lectured in Slovenia for the first time.

mt_none: "A 3D Facial Reconstruction of a Male Skull Subject from the Neolitic “Square Mouth Vases” Culture of Quinzano (Verona-IT)" was presented by Marco Silvestri.

mt_none: Odisej Belchevsky added a consideration on the Slavic origin of many fundamental words recorded in ancient written texts.A lively discussion followed.

mt_none: After a short break it was time for "A Study of the Origins, Connections and Meanings of the Indo-European Words reeka, ree, rea, river in Language and Mythology", also presented by Odisej Belchevsky.

Vinko Vodopivec made some corrections in "The Comparison of Readings of a Retian Inscription on the Sword of Verona".

"Cognate Swadesh Words of I-E Languages in the Data Base of I. Dyen and an Example of Linguistic Philogenetics" was the final lecture held by Jože Rant.

On Sunday a guided tour of an exhibition in the National Museum of Slovenia was organized (Treasures of the National Museum of Slovenia and The Situla Festival: Images of Life and Myth). In the Ljubljana Castle there was another exibition: "Stories from the Situla of Vače". More about this conference in a miscellany, which is being prepared by the organizer. Publication appearance is estimated at the end of year 2005.