Ancient Dwellers of Europe
The early history of the European peoples is still not well known. The aim of the conference is to discover and disclose historical, linguistic, cultural and other sources of information about the ancient inhabitants of Europe, taking into account various aspects, which can contribute to an improved knowledge of the events in the distant past.
The core of the conference should be archaeological facts and written documents, toponyms, genetic traces, beliefs, mythology, legends, customs and other data which could help to reveal the organisation, communications and cooperation of the ancient inhabitants in Europe during particular epochs of the distant past.
What is expected and most welcome is to elucidate the changes of the living conditions and activities during the whole period till the end of the first millennium AD. It is important to bring forward all the significant characteristics of the ancient population, which can still be established today.

First Announcement and Call for Papers (more on
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010, June 4th and 5th 
Venue: Slovenian World Congress, Cankarjeva 1/IV, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Main topics

Archaeological traces

Linguistic traces of ancient settlers

Historical traces

Cultural traces,

Ethnological and Mythological traces

Genetic traces

Other traces
Reviewed contributions will be published in Proceedings.

Registration and instructions for abstracts and contributions

All interested in contributing to the conference are kindly invited to register as soon as possible by e-mail to the address hrovatm @, and those to submit abstracts of their proposed contributions as soon as possible, but not later than February 15th, 2010 by e-mail to the address vinko.vodopivec @ using text processor MS WORD (.doc or .rtf file) or as a text file in ASCII format. The authors will be notified about the provisional acceptance of their abstracts not later than March 15th, 2010.