We are modernizing the Website\'s look and functionality. Please share your thoughts on our Forum. Now you can choose your own template color as instructed on the Homepage. We also updated our Sitemap structure and added many new articles (some also in German, English as well as other languages). Now there is also a PDA version of our template available.

In the Coming soon module you will now be able to see new articles, waiting to be published on a speciffic date. Under Home button in the Main menu all published Articles are now listed as well as Venetipedia. There is also a Login or Register module in the Menu, which makes the site more user friendly. Let me remind you that the option to Submit articles (category Columns) or through our editorial in other categories, is still open to everyone. You can also Submit news or Add events (when logged in only).

Under the menu item News there can be found also Daily news, Road conditions, Ski conditions, Weather reports as well as interesting Webcams for our region. More than enough reasons to visit us!
Looking forward to co-operation!
Veneti.info editorial